The Benefits of Using the Organizational Socialization Process

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The Benefits of Using the Organizational Socialization Process
Will Kirkbride
Florida Institute of Technology

This paper discusses the benefits of adopting successful organizational socialization (OS) programs within companies. Many organizations utilize socialization programs in order to train, mentor, and retain employees in the company so they can provide the best service possible to the company and enjoy being a part of the company. Companies lose most of their new employees within the first few months of starting the job. Organizations spend a good deal of money and resources on training employees and possibly not enough energy on creating a good socialization program which can provide that employee with the tools
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493). With higher levels of turnovers, organizations stall in strengthening the team because they are continually assisting newcomers into the organization and not focusing on building current relationships that pave the way for successful cultures.
Second, according to Flanagin and Waldeck (as cited in Miller, 1996; Miller & Jablin, 1991), “organizational newcomers typically have high uncertainty regarding how to do their job, how their performance will be evaluated, what types of social behaviors are normative, and what personal relationships within the organization might be beneficial to them” (p.137). Flanagin and Waldeck continue on stating that “effective socialization reduces these uncertainties, helps newcomers cultivate productive relationships at work, and ensures that individuals and organizations benefit from their working relationship” (as cited in Allen & Meyer, 1990) (p137). Consequently, newcomers and experienced organizational members typically engage in formal and informal organizational socialization activities before, during, and after their entry into the organization.
Major organizations that adopt

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