The Benefits of Vaccinating Your Child

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COURSE PROJECT FINAL DRAFT 1 The Benefits of Vaccinating Your Children Meagan Pace EN102 English Composition II Mrs. Justine ONeil September 28, 2014 Miller-Motte College Online COURSE PROJECT FINAL DRAFT 2 The Benefits of Vaccinating Your Children Getting vaccinations is very important, and could in fact save your life. Vaccinations have been proven to save millions of lives per year, including 3 million of those being children who are more susceptible to dangerous illnesses. A sudden uproar over the possible effects of vaccinating children has recently surfaced within our nation. Parents are choosing not to have their children vaccinated due to allegations of vaccines being linked to illnesses and diseases,…show more content…
Scientists are still unsure as to what causes autism, but it is most commonly a genetic COURSE PROJECT FINAL DRAFT 4 The Benefits of Vaccinating Your Children predisposition or the baby being exposed to toxins in the womb. The possible adverse side effects that a child might experience after getting vaccinated would be redness, swelling, tenderness, and in extremely rare cases an allergic reaction. The benefits of vaccines are much greater and outweigh any small risks involved (Five, 2014). Children are more susceptible to getting these diseases that vaccines can prevent because their immune systems are not built up yet. Unfortunately, vaccines are not 100% effective, but getting vaccinated early in life will help develop a strong immunity. Because most of these diseases are prevented from vaccines so well, people do not think they are out there anymore. This is very wrong and naïve thinking that could harm a child if unvaccinated. Many recent pertussis outbreaks have even inspired an alarming commercial encouraging parents and loved ones to not only vaccinate their children, but themselves as well. Pertussis was once believed to be wiped out, but has made a comeback and was responsible for 21,000 cases and 26 deaths (mostly infants) in 2010 (Lee, 2013). Not only your children, but their future children will get the benefits of having them vaccinated. A decrease has been shown in cases of rubella
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