The Benefits of Wind Power

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When someone thinks of wind power they most likely think of Holland. Wind energy has been used in Holland since the inception of the county. (Wind energy in Holland) Wind is super abundant on our planet. (About wind energy, why wind energy) Around 80 different countries use wind power to generate electricity commercially. (Energy facts) Though our scientists may claim that they are inventing something new by using wind as a source of generating energy, the truth is that wind is being used for centuries for this purpose. (wind power) Wind power is being harnessed both on and off shore and Holland is a leader in the field. (wind energy in Holland) Wind has become a more noticeable contributor due to the concern about global climate change. (About wind energy / why wind energy) Wind energy is clean and renewable. (Energy facts) It is also the least-expensive energy source in many or even most regions now. (About wind energy / why wind energy) Most people think as years go by more and more of our electricity will be generated by wind power. Humans will also discover other ways to e wind power to their advantage. In 2010 wind produced 2.5% of the world’s electricity. This number is surely higher now. Wind power is produced by using wind generators to harness the Kinetic energy of wind. (wind power) Large groups of wind turbines are called wind farms. (Energy facts) Modern wind turbines have three blade can reach speeds at the top of over 320 kph (200 mph)

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