Essay on The Benefits of Yoga & Meditation

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The Benefits of Yoga and Meditation

In today’s environment, many people are suffering with the stress and anxiety of day to day living and are finding themselves unable to cope with life’s little emergencies. Prescription drugs are on the rise due to the increasing need for people to deal with their stress and anxiety. However, many people are searching for ways to be less stressed and live a happy and healthy life without drugs. If stress and anxiety are getting the best of you, then think about grabbing a mat and giving yoga and meditation a spin. With that in mind, this paper will take a look at the benefits of yoga and meditation to create a more peaceful and healthy lifestyle.

What is Yoga?

Yoga is a centuries-old Eastern
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Yoga meditation is an exercise program that includes stretching and exercises that use deep breathing to bring peace and tranquility. While it’s true that you can meditate without performing yoga, yoga on the other hand, always involves some form of meditation.

Yoga and Meditation Styles

There are many different styles, forms and intensities of yoga that one can practice. Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all type of exercise. The beauty of yoga is that anyone at any age, including the elderly, can practice this ancient art. Many gyms are now offering yoga classes to their members as well as yoga-specific studios which are popping up all across the country. Keep in mind that one style is not better than another but rather a personal preference. If taking a class, it’s important that the student is comfortable with the teacher, notably; liking one’s teacher is also true of learning and practicing meditation.
Following is a list and short description of yoga styles that have been or are becoming quite popular all over the world. All yoga styles incorporate meditation into them. * Ashtanga – This yoga is for those who want a serious and physically demanding workout. “It involves synchronizing breathing with progressive and continuous series of postures-a process producing intense internal heat and a profuse, purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs” (Mats, LLC, 2013). Not recommended for beginners.
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