The Benefits of a Gender-Neutral Housing Facility

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Introduction There are at least 54 universities and colleges which have, in the past 10 years, instated the gender-neutral housing and option for the students (National Student, 2012). These options have been implemented in various different ways in the colleges and universities. There are universities such as the Brandeis University that only provides the upper-class students with the option of gender-neutral housing whereas, in the Hampshire College, students from any year can have any roommate that they want even if they are from the opposite sex. Rutgers University also allows the upper-class students with the option of living in gender-neutral housing; this option was implemented in the university after a student committed suicide as he was being victimized by a homophobic. In case of Harvard University only the self-identified transgender students are allowed to live in the gender-neutral houses. The possible reason for this increasing trend of gender-neutral housing in many colleges and universities is the fact that these universities have accepted the fact that the sex-segregated housing can't fulfill the needs of all the students studying and living there (Students for a Democratic Society, 2012). This paper thus analyzes the impact that the growing popularity of gender-neutral housings has had on the overall academic environment. The gender group chosen for this paper is the stereotypes of the self-identified homosexuals. What are the advantages and
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