The Benefits of the Statehood for Puerto Rico

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Benefits of the statehood for Puerto Rico The intention of this essay is to demonstrate to a vision rational, concordant political leader to the Puerto Rican, American and worldwide reality. It responds to the necessity that to the statehood it is necessary to imagine it and to expose it with all the evidence available, since many Puerto Ricans, including many political leaders, do not know like defending it or exposing it before the peculiar ones or our adversaries. Puerto Rico is smallest and Eastern of the Greater Antilles. The north of Venezuela has left approximately to 500 miles, 80 miles to the east of the Spanish, and to 1.200 miles to the Southeastern of the city of Miami, in the North American state of Florida. The U.S.A.…show more content…
Congressional delegation (Article one secc. 2-3 Constitution of the U.S.A). - It will allow to the election of two Senators and six or seven Representatives before the Congress. When having Puerto Rico a population of 3.8 million inhabitants ' approx, this will allow us to have greater to be able politician than 25 states of the Union. We will be able to defend the interests of Puerto Rico, avoiding the approval of measures that affect to us negatively. Now, the Resident Commissioner has voice, but he does not have vote in only the two commissions that participates in the House of Representatives. The Statehood will allow us approximately to have participation in 50 commissions with a delegation of six or seven Representatives before the Congress. Sovereignty the one that corresponds to the people of Puerto Rico, of who all the powers of the State emanate. (Dictionary Small Informed Larousse) Powers of the Federal Constitution (Article one secc. 8 Constitutionalist of the U.S.A...) - the powers of the Federal Government are international currency, Defense and Relations. In other words, in the only thing that the federal constitution does not, compromise is in International Currency, Defense and Relations, the other subjects are decided by each state. The Federal Constitution guarantees equality of rights to all the citizens, will
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