The Benefits of the Use of the Computers in the Environment

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The influence of computers is universal. Computers are used in applications ranging from running a farm to monitoring all environmental effects. Because the development of computers has been largely the work of scientists, it is natural that a large body of computer applications serves the scientist and the field of science.
Computers have not only helped in increasing awareness amongst the environmental issues, but have also made the research and the development of various diagnostic and prevention methods, easy and cost effective.
Environmental pollution can take many forms. However, its impact on our everyday lives is always undesirable and the end results can be potentially
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By pairing hyper spectral reflectance data with water quality data, we propose to develop a technique to predict toxin concentrations.
But remote sensing can also be performed without the use of satellites. For example the wireless sensor technology developed through a partnership between the University of California, Berkeley, and the Intel Research Berkeley laboratory. The researchers developed miniaturized sensors, or "motes" as they are called, and installed them on the nearby Great Duck Island. Each device, slightly bigger than the two AA batteries powering it, is now beaming back raw data about the conditions in the burrows and the island's microclimate. All this data are available to the biologist on-line through a web-site. This way the environmental scientists can observe the animals in their natural environment without interfering. Furthermore computers have another very important use in the environmental science. Mathematical modelling and computer simulation provide indispensable tools to determine, as accurately as possible, levels at which pollution should be reduced. Three-dimensional environmental models describe emissions, transport in flow fields, and reactions of chemical and biochemical constituents. When attempting to reduce pollution, it is necessary to determine critical levels and to develop measures against pollutions as accurately as possible, so as to minimize the costs of

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