The Bereavement Role, Disenfranchised Grief And The Four Tasks Of Mourning

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Bereavement Role, Disenfranchised Grief and the Four Tasks of Mourning Losing a loved one can be very painful, emotional and overwhelming. The difficult part after losing a loved one is learning how to cope with the loss. In order for nurses to help individuals cope with a loss of a loved one it is important for them to understand the grief process. This paper will define and explain the bereavement role, disenfranchised grief, four tasks of mourning and how nurses can help bereaved individuals with these processes.
Bereavement Role
The bereavement role occurs at the onset of death and the bereaved individual becomes exempted from their normal social responsibilities (Leming and Dickinson, p.492, 2016). The bereavement role is
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An important thing for nurses to do that are supporting bereaved individuals and families is to build rapport with the bereaved individual and family. In the study “Role of district and community nurses in bereavement care: a qualitative study” by Johnson (2015) found that “knowing the family and building rapport with them would help in the identification of any problems should they arise.” In order to be able to support a bereaved individual it is important for the nurse to know the stages and types of bereavement in order to provide effective care (Johnson, p.500, 2015). No matter what type of nursing a person choses for their career it is important to know the bereavement process. When nurses support bereaved family members of a patient it is essential that they know how to actively listen. Listening receptively and intently to an individual shows respect for the person and interest in what he or she has to communicate. When nurses are able to actively listen this demonstrates understanding and empathy. One last thing that is important is for nurses to be culturally competent. When nurses are culturally competent they are able to understand cultural differences and customs that in turn allows them provide the best possible care. Nurses need to accept the bereaved individuals beliefs and be nonjudgmental regardless of their own personal feelings or values. The nurse needs to be self-aware of
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