The Berlin Conference Of 1885 Sought To Regulate European

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The Berlin Conference of 1885 sought to regulate European colonization and trade in Africa and was how the European powers avoided conflict between one another over African resources. This meeting of European powers is referred to as the beginning of the scramble for Africa. No African could have expected what was to come post 1855. The aggression and exploitation that followed, described vividly in Heart of Darkness, has now adapted into more humane mechanisms due to criticism against brutality in the nineteenth century. Today, the imperialism Africa faces is hidden behind government sanctions, lies about cooperation and reciprocal benefits instead of mass killings. Although the degree of exploitation is similar, the manner in which China…show more content…
The actions of Kurtz and other Europeans are extremely similar to actions taken today in regard to their untamed greed. Like the Europeans, India and China have no consideration for the people already inhabiting the area and are establishing complete dominance over Africa. However, in current times, there is less blatant aggression and much of the invasive actions are hidden behind false cooperation. Today, China attempts to lawfully purloin African resources with an extremely self-promotional strategy. The country aims to maintain access to Africa’s sought after natural resources, regardless of the detrimental consequences for Africa. Some argue that the increase in exporting that China creates will help Africa’s economy develop, however these specific resources can hurt the economy long term. This is seen in examples such as Nigeria and Angola, Sub-Saharan Africa’s two largest oil exporters. Oil and mining are not labor intensive industries, therefore while these natural deposits may create impressive growth figures, they do not translate into widespread job creation. In fact, an economy solely based upon large oil and mineral reserves distorts the local currency. The prices of other exports then increase and it makes them hard to sell overseas, a phenomenon labeled the “Dutch disease.” Without careful management, something China has not provided, the oil and mineral revenue will
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