The Berlin Wall : A Secret History

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While studying about Europe in the twentieth century, it became clear that the cold war had a lasting impact on the history of Germany as well as America’s view on communism. In our text book the Allies, especially the U.S., are always presented as being strongly opposed to the building of the Berlin Wall. So why had the Berlin Wall been allowed to last for twenty-eight years? During a search to find out more as to the reason for this lengthy existence, I came across the website for the magazine History Today, or There was an article entitled “The Berlin Wall: A Secret History”, its author Frederick Taylor states a dissimilar point of view concerning the Allied leaders’ response to the construction of the Berlin Wall than that of the text book. History Today’s website offers many articles about several eras throughout history, as well as, unique perspectives on historical events.
After the end of World War II there was a change in the German Landscape. It was split into two main regions. One region went to the NATO allies and the other went to the Warsaw Pact. People were allowed to move freely between the two regions, which caused Eastern Berlin to lose many of young, talented workforce. Eastern Berlin lost almost fifteen percent of its population because the living conditions were much better on the West side. In order to fight the problem, the Soviets decided to put a barrier between East and West Berlin. In the article, it explains the defenses
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