The Berlin Wall And The Cold War

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Perhaps the most visual reference to the Cold War was the Berlin Wall. Although this wall only existed to divide Berlin into two sides, it became a physical representation of the Cold war for many and its fall in 1989 has been regarded to many as the end of the Cold War.

I have always been interested in the background history behind the Berlin Wall. Since I started school in the 80s and was in High School while the Cold War was winding down, I don’t have a great personal understanding of many of the events leading up to the Cold War, other than from history classes and watching movies in school about it. I remember watching the movie “Night Crossing” in middle school when we were studying about the Berlin Wall.

When I started looking for topics a few weeks ago I wanted to learn more about the Berlin Wall. I have since realized that to study the history of the Berlin Wall in one semester is something that would only allow me to skim through various sources and information, there is simply too much information to learn and so much of it available that I have chosen to focus my research so far on the Fall of the Berlin wall. The events of the mid-to-late 80s that changed the political atmosphere enough to bring the wall down.

There are numerous Primary Sources available for this study, some I have looked at already are the 1987 Reagan speech at the Brandenburg gate in Berlin, from which the famous “Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!” quote was heard. I have also…

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