The Berlin Wall And The Wall

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On November 9,1989 the German rulers finally allowed the Wall to be taken down. The Berlin Wall was according to Rosenberg “a physical division between West Berlin and East Germany in order to keep East Germans from fleeing to the West” (Rosenberg). History always seems to repeat itself because even in modern times the usage of a wall to keep people from moving in large number is still viable. Nonetheless, like the Berlin wall and the Great Wall of China before that, walls are just that walls and unfortunately they are not enough to keep individuals from getting to the other side.
With the upcoming presidential elections in the United States there is a party member in particular who promises: that if elected will construct a wall
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Without access to these lands their hard work goes to no one and the land that was suppose to be utilized for generations to come is lost. Along with the introduction of Real ID Act, a law grants Homeland Security access to bypass more than 36 laws some of which include American Indian Religious Freedom Act (Splitting the Land in Two: Ecological Effects of Border Militarization). Which was first establish and protect what many Native Americans hold to be sacred sites and allow these Americans to practice their religion in peace. Real ID Act completely overrides this previously created law altogether.
When it comes to the effectiveness of the wall, it is clear that the effectiveness is not at all worth the cost. Desperate immigrants trying to get across the dangerous desert will go through almost any lengths in order to guarantee their passage of the border. Subsequently, one can find tunnels, holes and climbing equipment abandon after the climb is completed. Clifford states “Its apparent fragility is not a mirage, as evidenced by the ladders, the 149 tunnels, and the holes in the mesh panels that make long stretches of the fence look like a patchwork quilt (Clifford). With so many different way to bypass a wall and many new ways being developed it is easy to see how ineffective the wall really would be stopping illegal immigrants. Not only do experts agree but even workers of the Border Patrol would agree with this

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