The Berlin Wall Of Berlin

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The years following the fall of the Berlin wall brought Germany closer together as one country. The east side of Berlin was communist, whereas the west side was socialist/democratic. The Berlin wall was often referred to as a symbol of the cold war and the inner conflict of Germany. It showed the different ideologies of the USA and USSR and their systems of government. Officially known as the “Anti-Fascist-Protective Wall” by the east, and the “Wall of Shame” by the West, it physically divided the city of Berlin from August 13, 1961 to November 9, 1989. The fall of the Berlin Wall was beneficial for the economies of Germany and the US.
The reunification of Germany happened on October 3, 1990 when East Germany joined the Federal Republic. Guenter Schabowski announced the opening of the Berlin wall, putting an end to the 28 years of division. He announced this offhandedly during a press conference, by saying that the East was lifting the travel restrictions across the border to the West. He then looks down at his notes, stammering “As far as I know, this enters into force...this is immediately, without delay” (East German announces Berlin wall open). Upon hearing this, East Berliners stormed to the wall and demanded to be let through. Although border guards had not been given this order, they let people through after seeing the numbers. Soon after the opening of the walls, the Soviet Union fell apart. Representatives from eleven of the fifteen Soviet Republics…

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