The Berlin Wall : The Cold War

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The Berlin Wall: The Cold War’s Symbol European history has always interested me and one of the events we covered in my World Cultures history class was the Berlin Wall. I wanted to spend more time on the topic because I love all history and it interested me. I am sure we learned a little more than what I remember of the Wall but I know is the basic facts. We glazed over it and pretty much just acknowledged its past existence then moved on. We recalled it was in Germany and was a result of many previous and ongoing conflicts of the time. One night I was watching a documentary on the eighties by CNN and they quickly mentioned the Berlin Wall being knocked down. It brought this time period of history back to my attention. I wanted to read about on my own time but I did not. Having an English paper be about this captivating event helps me find the time.
This time period was very risky and countries had their set allies and enemies. Even a country has their own sides (West and East Germany). Everyone had a side, a view point. These countries helped each other by setting up bases in countries close to the enemy or sending supplies to help their war buddies out. NATO, Arab Union, Organization of African Unity, League of Nations/ the United Nations and the European Union were becoming common and most becoming large power players in economic and political situations. All countries wanted a large spot in these organizations to have more influence and power. I also must mention the…

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