The Berlin Wall and The Holocaust Essay

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The holocaust was a time of destruction or slaughter on a mass scale caused by fire or nuclear war. During the holocaust millions of Jews were killed by the Nazis during WWII. The Berlin Wall was a time in which a barrier was constructed in 1961 to separate East Berlin from west Berlin. I believe that the holocaust and the Berlin Wall made great impacts to many and had many alikes. They both had similar situations and in both the Germans were involved as was the killing. To begin with the holocaust had a great impact in history even though it was a time of disaster, murder, and discrimination. It was a time in which Adolf Hitler,German politician and Nazi party leader, wanted all Jews suffering or dead. Adolf Hitler turned everyone…show more content…
But on the other side East Germany was not doing as well as West Germany was. East Germany was under the full influence of the Soviet union and was a Communist society when it became its own country. Do to the dragged economy and that the individual freedoms were restricted many citizens living in East Germany wanted to leave they could no longer stand the conditions in which they were living in.Many citizens gathered their things and left to th the West. Many of them made it across the border as for others were stopped along the way. From then on East Germany began to lose its population and labor force. As they lost more of their population the Soviets wanted to take over the West. They tried to threaten the United States by the use of nuclear weapon issue but the United States and all the other Western countries were very committed to protecting West Berlin. When the Berlin Wall was up two young men wanted to get across it as many others did. They decided on scaling it one of them succeeded and got to the other side of the wall. The other one which was named Peter Fechter did not succeed like his friend as he began to scale the wall a guard opened fire. He continued to climb the wall but as he reached the top he couldn't go on any further and fell back on to the east side. The guards did not shoot at him anymore and they did not go to help him they just let him lay there. Peter shouted in pain. Ater he had bled to death the guards carried off his
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