The Bermuda Triangle : The Devil's Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle, also known popularly as the ‘Devil’s Triangle’, is a triangular shaped area in the Atlantic Ocean which has gained infamy as a location in which vessels, aircraft and people are susceptible to going missing without a trace. The area considered to constitute the Bermuda Triangle varies, although the most popular definition is that the triangle’s three vertices are located at Miami in Florida, San Juan in Puerto Rico, and at the island of Bermuda in the Atlantic Ocean. However, this area is not universally agreed upon, and the total area of the Bermuda Triangle seemingly varies from 1.3 million km2 up to a massive 3.9 million km2 of the Atlantic Ocean depending on the author. Despite its supposed danger, the Bermuda…show more content…
It will be argued that the lost aviators of Flight 19 were not subject to any sort of otherworldly phenomenon as some would claim, but rather tragically lost due to human error and a combination of natural factors. Due to obscurities in the case, mostly owing to the sparse and often confusing radio contact between Flight 19 and its observers, no single cause beyond a reasonable doubt can be put forward to explain the disappearance. However by the principle of Ockham’s Razor, it is considerably more logical to assume human error and natural factors as the principal cause of the incident than it is to make the leap that an otherworldly phenomenon is at fault. This is a view shared by the expert opinion of the United States Department of the Navy, who conclude on a factsheet regarding the Bermuda Triangle that the ‘forces of nature and unpredictability of mankind outdo even the most far fetched science fiction many times each year’ (U.S. Department of the Navy 1998, p. 1). It is arguable that confirmation bias overall heavily influences the perception that the Bermuda Triangle is prone to substantially unnatural losses, and this confirmation bias also appears in the examination of Flight 19, which offers plenty of opportunity to gather misconstrued evidence. In the expert opinion of Larry Kusche, who conducted extensive research into the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, Flight 19 is
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