The Best Acid Combined With Baking Soda

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Annie Bacon
What question are you trying to answer based on research or observation? I am trying to find what the best acid combined with baking soda is to get the greatest amount of leavening.

What is your reason for asking this question? I enjoy baking things from scratch and I have noticed that there are several different acids used to leaven baked goods.
Background Research

In 2-4 paragraphs, explore the “who”, “what”, “why”, “how”, “when” of the theory or concept you are investigating.
Emphasis should be placed on relevant information that helps you formulate your hypothesis.
What observations have you made about the problem?
a. Provide at least 6-10 key facts
b. Cite relevant information from at least three different studies about similar problem/question you identified.
c. How does your proposed experiment “fill in the gap” of knowledge?
d. Include APA-formatted links/references to your sources at the bottom of the column.

I am investigating the effect of type of acid on the height of baked cupcakes. I am testing this because I have been interested in different acids used as ingredients in cupcake recipes and how they affect the leavening process. I will be testing this by using four different acids and the same amount of baking soda in the same cupcake recipe. Other experiments have tested the difference between baking powder and baking soda and the amounts of each needed in

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