The Best Age For Learning A Second Language

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This research is illustrated about the best age to start learning a second language (English as an example), without damaging or having any linguistic problems with both of them. Since I suffered with my son on lately speech problems, because we combined the two languages (Arabic and English). I became more anxious with my other kids, and that is why I chose this topic to learn more about this issue. The purpose of this study is to find out the best age for kids to acquire a second language without having difficulties such as: linguistic problems in both languages. We are looking forward to see what the experts opinions about this issue and how parents prevent this problem by teaching their children the second language at
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However, we should be very careful about first language as well and keep it in safe. Also, Ensure the integrity of the child 's language, whether the first or second language. It is worth mentioning that after looking and searching, we have found out that scientists still have issues in determining the best age for kids to learn second language. In the next step, I will post more details on this matter.

Literature review

Scientists still have issues in deciding the best age for kids to acquire second language.
Some of them are agreed in learning a second language in early age and some of them are opposed.
Let 's look first at the supporters, for example: the American linguistic scientist says:" the best age to learn foreign language is between ten to twelve, so if they were to start learning the language before that age, the educational process is often will become slow and ineffective. But if they start learning a foreign language as I mentioned, it will be easier for children to learn other foreign languages in the later stages. So, student gain experience through learning the first foreign language and then using this experience to learn other foreign languages later".
( Leonard Bloomfield, 1942 )
Language researcher says: " The optimal period for learning foreign languages is between three and five, due to it allow the kid to pick up the language
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