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After reading “the Innocent Man” by Pamela Colloff’s who write a long journalism about Michael Morton, who was found guilty for murdering his wife Christine was sentenced for fifteen years in prison. Later founding that Michael was Innocent after reinvestigating his case, capturing DNA testing and finding new evidence was able to help prove his innocence. The theme of this essay a widow husband who seek to fight for his freedom in prison and staying connected with his son. Michal son Eric gave him a reason to have hope that they would one day reunite and his son would know for himself that he did murder his wife. The point of view of this essay although a man is falsely accuse for a crime he did not commit he is self-determined to fight.…show more content…
Wolff said is beautifully in his essay “My bet is that, even in America, even as screwed up as our health care is, we baby-boomers watching our parents’ long and agonized deaths won’t do this to ourselves. We will surely, we must surely, find a better, cheaper, quicker, kinder way to get out.” That briefly lets the reader understand that we need to find a better solution for health care for the elderly because it affects the family involves around them a better way to solve this. I would say by accepting death and understanding with aging comes with certain defaults that can’t be prevented. After reading “Did You Think About the Six People You Executed?” by Robert F. Worth does a documentary in Libya about a man who is a loyalist to a dictator name Qaddafi. Qaddafi was the leader of Libya who has slaughtered, tortured, and murdered people who didn’t follow him such as the rebels. Worth goes to this Prison to do a documentary to speak with a man name Marwan who executed six men. In Libya is now controlled by militias who one of the man Nasser who works in the prison. He is the oldest brother of the victim who got slaughtered from the six people that were executed. The theme of finding the truth and seeking justice of the six people who got executed by a man who showed no remorse for killing because he was following order and a loyalist to his leader. The point of view of
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