The Best Career Choice For A Police Officer

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Protecting the Dream Finally, I lay down to catch some sleep after a long day. Then all of a sudden, my radio blares, calling for me to come into the station. Well, I guess that’s okay, despite how tired I am. I lunge out of my comfy bed, hearing that one of my police officers is in trouble. The career I have chosen is police officer. A police officer is someone who enforces laws to protect others. This career interests me because I like a good challenge and I like to help people. Whether it’s unlocking someone’s car for them or protecting people and their property, this sounds like the job for me. After looking at the education and the training needed, important qualities needed and the salary and job outlook, I decided this is the best career choice for me. Work Environment Police officers need to be prepared. First off, in order to be a police officer, they need to have a driver’s license. This is because, some officers spend a lot of the time driving around; looking for suspects and obtaining warrants. I can’t wait to get my driver’s license! Police officers also need to be prepared to work full time, holidays and maybe even weekends. This is because they need to be ready to respond to emergency and nonemergency calls. I don’t mind working these hours, but I think this will change as I get older. Also they must be ready to work in stressful and scary situations. Whether they are in the office writing reports or in the woods chasing a suspect through harsh terrain,
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