The Best Chance At Success

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Growing up, being of Hispanic origin, I knew that I was lucky to live in the United States. I could have easily been growing up in either Mexico or El Salvador, where my mother and father were born and raised. However, they decided they wanted a better life; a life that was more rewarding for their hard work. What country could offer them this? Their best chance at success was the United States and that is exactly where they went. The United States offered a top notch lifestyle for those willing to earn it. Because America was at the top, not just in lifestyle, but in wealth and security, my parents made the easy decision to leave what they once called home to establish a new one. My parents often told me that it was a privilege for me to have what I did. What I had was a roof over my head, a pristine and free public education, but most of all, a secure, influential country, both militarily and politically. When someone asks what would be one of the best countries to live in, most likely they will have the United States among the top choices. For many people not even from America, the United States is still the country of choice. Why is this? Because the United States rose to the top, technologically, economically, politically, and culturally, while still managing to secure these positions today. However, even though the U.S. seems to continually outdo other nations, many, such as Fareed Zakaria and Thomas Freedman, argue that nations around the world are growing at a rate

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