The Best Day Of My Life

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Today wasn’t going to be any normal day, today was going to be the best day of my life. I was laying in bed when I heard my phone, I rolled over; and saw the notification that said “ Bieber Concert Today” my face lit right up. I jump out of bed and went down stairs. My mom was already up and getting ready in her bathroom. We were leaving at eight to go to my cousins in Jonesboro to pick them up and then head to Indianapolis. I made my self some breakfast and then went upstairs to start getting ready. I put on some grey high waisted shorts and a white shirt with palm trees on it for the day because we weren 't changing into our outfits for the concert until we get to the hotel tonight. My mom called for me to come down stairs and…show more content…
I remember the moment we stepped into that arena; I was speechless. The lights shut off, he came out, and everything from there is history. We were about twenty minutes from my cousins house. Time went by really fast since I was jamming out to music the whole ride. We pulled into their driveway and they all came walking out; first Allie, then My Aunt, and then Destanie. Allie was wearing a white shirt with the vans shoe label on it with ripped shorts, and destanie was wearing skinny jeans and just a normal v-neck shirt. I got out of the car and we took some pictures in front of the car and our parents put them on Facebook. We all piled into the car and began our adventure to Indianapolis. We talked about what we are going to do during the day while we 're waiting for 4:30 when we 're supposed to meet the workers from Def Jam Records. When we got downtown we found our hotel and we parked in the parking garage because we couldn 't check in yet. We got out and we decided to go to monument circle because the Olympic diving trials were going on and they had tons of things you could do. We spent most of our day there and then went to get some food at the Hard Rock Cafe. After we ate our meals we headed over to the circle center mall. We shopped for a while then headed back to the hotel. All I thought about while we were out during the day was the concert. We got our luggage

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