The Best Day Of My Life

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“If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal, not to people or things.” I think to myself as my dad yells up the stairs. “C’mon Mer, get ready,” his fruity voice echoes throughout the halls, booming as if he had a microphone. Echoing off the walls and filling the entire upstairs with his deep voice. Today is the day, my greatest dream and goal finally comes true. The day that dad finally lets me tag along on one of his missions for work. I’ve been nine for about seven months and he said I was finally ready. He didn’t even get to go out on a mission with his father till he was twelve. That means I’m way more advanced than him I don’t even try to be modest when I mention it practically every other second. This is literally the best day of my life! I don’t see how anything will ever top this, and the day has just begun. I've been learning ever since I could walk to follow in my dad and his father’s footsteps to be a Mercenary. It’s one of the highest paying and provincial jobs in the Rapture Providence. Everyday I put 110% into my training and studying. Now all my hard work is about to pay off. Dad has taught me everything I need to know, and I’ve learned a little about everything along the way. I swiftly throw on my clothes, run downstairs, grab my FN Patrol Bolt Rifle, and take two steel bladed throwing knives and sheath them to my body. Then I grab an apple and we’re out the door. ***** Dad lets me scope out a hiding place while we wait. He picked the area based off
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