The Best Day Of My Life

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One day you’re having the best day of your life, enjoying the beaming sunrays hitting your face and the laughter of the most cherished people in your life, then next thing you know you wake up in pure darkness and realize it’s death. My uncle dying impacted a lot of family and friends. It all started one sunny morning at my grandma's house, her and my uncle were hanging out watching tv and making pancakes when out of the blue my uncle collapses to the floor unconscious my grandma frantically goes to him to see if he's ok when she realizes he's unconscious she immediately calls 911 as she waited for the ambulance to arrive every possible thought on what had just happened ran through her head in the ambulance she called all one of her sons and from there he called someone else and so on until the news reached my family my parents were shocked and didn't know what to think they just hoped it wasn't anything serious we didn't really know what was going on except next thing you know we are going to the hospital after school when my uncle had arrived to the hospital and the doctors were determining what had happened they realized he has a brain tumor once everyone had been informed what had occurred to my uncle we all were shocked we couldn't believe how once of the happiest persons youngest person we knew had gotten a brain tumor but we knew we could fight through it. All the hours and days everyone spent at the hospital hoping some good news would emerge we met many people

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