The Best Days Of My Life

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The rain was beginning to slack up, but the wind was blowing at ten miles per hour. I thought this was going to be one of the best days of my life. I remember telling my parents, three weeks in advance that I was going on a field trip with my class to the Memphis zoo and I would like for them both to come. I was so excited the night before the field trip, I couldn’t stop thinking about all the animals I wanted to see and take pictures of. Unfortunately, my mother had to work the day of the field trip and my father had been sick with the flu for nearly two weeks. I was very disappointed that my parents couldn’t make the field trip with me and my classmates. All my classmates’ parents attended the field trip except of Kyle parents. Kyle hardly talked to anyone in the class, including Mr. Jefferson who was absent the day of the field trip. Mr. Jefferson was tall and built like a professional football player. In class he talks a lot about his college experience at Ohio State University, where he played college football for four years and earned his bachelor degree in Education. I remember this because he would always wear his Ohio State Buckeyes sweatshirt on Fridays. The day of the field trip was on a Friday, so I was looking forward to Mr. Jefferson wearing his Buckeyes sweatshirt, but he was absent, instead we had a substitute teacher for his replacement. Her name was Miss. Taylor, she wasn’t as tall as Mr. Jefferson, but she was nicer. She passed out stickers and gave

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