The Best Fit

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The Best Fit Aristotle one of the best philosopher in the third century BCE explained what a virtuous act was and how we could get it. Immanuel Kant was one of the best philosophers in the 17th century, and created the Categorical Imperative, and John Stuart Mill was one of the best philosopher on the 18th century, and created The Utilitarianism ethical system, but which one made the best moral theory that best fits our culture and community? As we have seen in Chapter 7, ethics differs from culture to culture. In our culture we developed ourselves wanting materials and adventures that gives us pleasure and happiness. The ethical systems that makes the greatest amount of happiness is the Utilitarian System, and it is the theory that best fits my culture, however we have a combination of the Deontological system in order to keep laws and peace from falling apart. Aristotle one of the best philosopher in our history developed a moral system in which brings virtue, and it tells us what the best type of act we can do. According to Aristotle, “The virtuous act is the mean between two extremes, which are vices; for example courage is the mean between rashness and cowardice” (Cahn 135). This means that we should have control of our emotions, and think how we are going to act, then we will be making a virtuous act. When a person acts with courage he will become virtuous because he practiced being courageous. He will become what he practices. However Aristotle’s system does not
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