The Best Foreign Country For Your Property Marketing

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The Best Foreign Country for Your Property Marketing “To market to foreign buyers or not?” This is the same powerful question as the famous “To be or not to be?” As a real estate seller of just one private property or a developer with many properties or a realtor you have to answer this question to yourself, having been equipped with all the preliminary information you can gather before you start doing anything. Marketing costs money and takes time, so, without thoughtful consideration and a solid marketing plan with a budget you do not have to start spending money and wasting time at random. There are obvious situations where and when it is the only possibility to sell your property: Your country or area is in economic and financial…show more content…
and especially in California. Here are some internet media comments (2015): “The Chinese spend $22 billion a year for buying homes all over the U.S., but California is really their darling market. “Local California realtors would do just anything to catch their slice of the Chinese pie. Their marketing strategy includes property videos and websites in Chinese at least. One San Francisco area real estate agency takes the Chinese buyers around and to open houses by a Mercedes, and then to an air flight to show them the beauty of the Bay shores by a plane with the number 88 on it - the lucky Chinese “eight” is even doubled. “A Chinese big real estate investment firm becomes one of the most aggressive property buyers in California. Their acquisitions prove that Chinese investors are at the top of the list of foreign investors in the commercial properties in the U.S. “U.S. properties are the most attractive to the fast growing Chinese firms under the condition that Chinese domestic real estate market is slowing down. The Chinese investors paid $3.9 billion for the U.S. commercial properties last year, approximately 1% of all American commercial property sales and more than investors from any foreign country except Canada and Norway. “The San Francisco mayor’s office set up an organization aiming to promote Chinese investments in the area. ‘There definitely is a strong interest for Chinese companies to invest overseas,’ said the executive director of ChinaSF. “As
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