The Best Four Years Of Life

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Most people would describe their undergraduate years as the best four years of their life. It’s a time for optimism, growth, and success. Unfortunately for me, my undergraduate experience featured a slew of opposing feelings. My father had been diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a cancer that effects the bone marrow, during my freshman year. This was a rare form of cancer that ultimately took his life during my sophomore year. His illness and his death set the tone for my undergraduate career. Watching his health deteriorate took an emotional toll on me that only one whose endured this could fathom. My grades during this time were not at all what I knew they could be. I felt defeated, like nothing I accomplished really mattered now that my…show more content…
Although my position at Homeland was an assistant, working directly under the President of the company allowed me attain a deeper knowledge of the industry. I learned to never be pushy, but always be persistent. I was able to pick up on how my mentor had his own way of keeping track of clients and following up with them. I was also taught to always stay curious. A quality trait of inquisitiveness is one that will take any agent or broker to new heights. The constant search of new ways to sell and market is what led me to propose the idea of marketing Homeland Realty to the millennial generation with the help of social media. I aided Mr. Kuruvila in setting up a Facebook account for the company and showed him how through paid advertisements, productivity and sales could potentially increase seeing as it is now being revealed to a narrower audience. I offered the same kind of advice to help garner more clientele of a more mature age. Knowing that many elders are still very keen in getting their information from newspapers, I suggested to add advertisements in the local paper as well. After a month of giving these suggestions, I was beyond thrilled when I was told by Mr. Kuruvila that more prospective clients had been calling in due to coming across these specific ads.
The mental drive I picked up along with the longing to learning more about real estate prompted me to enroll in Gold Coast School of Real Estate. I am currently in the process of
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