The Best Holiday I Have Ever Had

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The school days are crammed with facts and figures, encompassing various subjects ranging from English to Mathematics. All of these require students to learn, memorise, understand and to be tested. Besides grades and examinations, the school also encompasses a wider curriculum including character moulding, citizenship building and personality development. Indeed, I think the school does prepare us for life. Firstly, the school teaches us self-discipline. We learn to keep to a schedule and to adhere to the timetable. We also learn to appreciate time and to be punctual. Moreover, we are trained to plan and manage time wisely. We also abide by and respect rules and regulations. The disciplined students will grow up to be disciplined adults…show more content…
I do not know what the others see, but I do realise inequality. Students with top scores are given the most attention, and slower students, instead of guiding them more, they are being neglected. Clases like science streams are every students' dreams. And those in art streams are being labelled as dumb. That's very unfair. Because students in art streams are not dumb, they are just more interested in other things than studies. Some people will be surprised to find that some of these students in art stream are so much smarter than those in science stream. In the working world, it doesn't matter whether you're from art or science stream; whether you have graduated from overly prestigous universities or have won hundreds of awards or competitions. IT IS YOU, yourself that matters. I am not saying school is unimportant or useless. Just that, school has taught the students the wrong mentality - Getting most As = The best. 4. School creates a challenging atmosphere for students. Some passed it with a successful achievement but some failed to so. A successful achievement doesn’t count how many A, a student get in the examination. A successful achievement is how we learned, absorb and use the input we get in school efficiently. Despite from where the students were studying, boarding school, daily school or technical school. All students from any type of school
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