The Best Job Board For Advertising A Job

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When you think of posting a job what’s the first thing that you think of? For most business owners it’s not the job description, the interview or qualification processes, but rather what job board are you going to use. There are tons of resources out there to tell you which job boards are the best such as this post from My issue with this post and all of the others? Check out how they sum up which board is best “We recommend as the best job board for advertising a job because they provide the most qualified candidates and save you money with their innovative pricing model.” The problem that I have with this statement is what did the source consider “qualified candidates” and how did their numbers differ…show more content…
In fact, most recruiting and hiring software providers place so much emphasis on the different job boards they use that they neglect probably the most important step in the hiring process — the qualification of candidates. You can’t even properly determine which job boards are the best without having a proper qualification process in place, enabling you to decipher which board actually has the highest quality candidates. My other issue as mentioned above is that since every job posting is unique, you may never know which board is actually the “best”, unless you have the right software in place and the right budget to cross-check the performance of your job on every board you can think of. I mean the whole job board landscape has gotten a tad ridiculous, someone even made a post about the “50 Job Boards you need to know.” I don’t know about you, but I find it crazy to have to sift through a list of 50 different job boards and determine which is best for me. Plus, the time it takes to post to several of these boards to get the best reach is ridiculous. Let’s break the job posting mold… So, if the most common job posting mistake is trying to figure out which board is best, then what’s the right thing to do? As I mentioned above, the only way to know is to take a large sample size of similar jobs and test them across different job boards and networks with a proper
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