The Best Kept Secrets : Growing Your Business

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The Best-Kept Secrets To Growing Your Business
By Peter Williamson
Feb 17, 2013
By now you know that when I offer tips about "growing" your business, it 's because I want you to have solid, applicable information that will help ensure that your company 's growth is steady, strong, and productive. It 's probably no accident that a company is sometimes called a "plant". And it 's no accident that Nature can be our teacher in terms of how to "grow" our business.

If we look at growing your business like growing a tree for instance, the process might look something like this:

* Seed: Idea

* Soil: Foundation

* Water: Investment

* Roots: System

* Trunk: Structure

* Branches: Sales Team

* Leaves: Customers

Interesting, isn 't it that customers - the very thing we generally focus on first, are actually the result of everything that comes before? Maybe it 's time to change your focus, for a moment, from customers to processes. Returning to the plant analogy, if the seed is rotten to begin with, it won 't root. If the soil is sandy and porous, it won 't hold water, if the water is scarce, the plant can 't grow, if the trunk is weak, the structure will collapse, if the branches break, leaves can 't grow, and if there are no leaves - there are no customers.

With that in mind, let 's turn now to business and look at warning signs that indicate that something or someone needs attention. Einstein stated that a problem cannot be fixed by the same process that created it, yet often

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