The Best Keypad Door Lock for Your Needs

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SEO Description: A Keypad Door Lock is an overwhelming purchase for some people. Read this buyers guide to get the best keypad lock for your needs. Excerpt: A Keypad Door Lock is a high involvement purchase. Buying a lasting product to protect your valuables should be as easy as reading this guide. Keypad Door Lock: Buyers Guide Purchasing a new keypad door lock is definitely a high involvement decision. You want a product that lasts and offers the protection your loved ones deserve. Choosing the right lock can be overwhelming though, since there are many technical specifications to consider. We decided to help you out and break down the very basics of a high-quality keypad lock, so next time you do a product research will know exactly what to look for. 1. Choose a Security Level Before moving on to any other features, you need to check for the security level of the keypad lock. All keypad door locks have a bolt for temporary use and a latch for permanent use. But even if the exterior seems similar, there are different systems that will make a big difference. These are the basic security specs of Digital Locks Keypads: Standard Security ⅜” Spring Bolt ⅜” Spring Latch Solenoid Mechanism Advanced Security ½” Dead Bolt ½” Dead Latch Motorized Mechanism High Security ½” Dead Bolt ½” Dead Latch Motorized Mechanism Choosing a suitable security level will depend on the potential unauthorized entry threats. The highest security keypad comes with web-based management

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