The Best Laptops For College Students

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Today, the world has the technology to reinvent the learning process as well as the school process. Everyday students lug 20 pound backpacks to school carrying everything from notebooks and binders to textbooks. Throughout the day students must carry this weight around, which can cause back issues in the future. All that dead weight could be replaced by a single device, a notebook personal computer(PC). The average PC “can weigh as little as 1.25 pounds” according to Dennis McCafferty in Computers In The Classroom -- Want to learn the abc 's of the mobile computing space? and can carry enormous amounts of data.There are many forms of notebook computers, Laarni Ragaza provides a well developed review of different computers and how they work with educational services in her article “The Best Laptops for College Students.” Integrating PC’s into the school program will allow students to directly connect with their teachers, assignments, textbooks, and notes all on one device, in a much more efficient and organized manner.This negates the need for the cluttered backpacks and lockers students have to scramble through to find their assignments. Having PCS on hand will allow students and teachers to connect instantaneously to transfer assignments and go over lesson plans. The PC’s will also enable students to connect to the internet, allowing them to further research the topic at hand. With PCs students can have a more immersive and orderly learning environment. PC’s should replace
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