The Best Market For Alien 's Rfid Business

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Given the opportunity that Alien wields in the developing worthy business solutions for its customers, it seeks to develop a formidable plan for implementing this opportunity. The plan encompasses selection and analysis of the country with which it will choose to launch its products and services. The aim of this paper is to analyze an appropriate location based on economic, geographical and political factors where Alien will launch its RFID business.
The questions guiding the research include:
• Which country is favorable for Alien to conduct its business?
• What criterion is used in arriving at such a decision?
• What is the description of the market upon which Alien will set up business?
The research objectives are:
• Determination of the best market for Alien’s RFID business
Research methodology
This research will employ descriptive methodology where the “What” question is answered. The characteristics of the market being explored are given to describe the situation and the suitability for the operation of the business being proposed. Descriptive research will use frequencies, averages and other statistical manifestations to determine the suitability of the environment being explored. Data is sourced from various agencies such as the US Department of State, trading economies, risk reports and other metrics from approved databases. This data is offered quantitatively and qualitatively. By the use of qualitative and quantitative data collection methods along with the…
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