The Best Means Of Hiring And Testing New Employees

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Introduction For many years companies have depended on three basic tools, such as résumés, interviews and references to gather qualified candidates. These sources are commonly used in a day to day basis but have proven to be inadequate for consistently selecting good employees. When it comes to hiring and selecting you want to use productive tools to help determine the best decision possible. Using the incorrect tools to hire and test potential candidates causes employee turnover and retention. Companies need to understand what pre-employment assessments are and why they are effective. I will be discussing the best means of hiring and testing new employees. Exploring what other companies are doing in hiring and testing, accessing the positives and negatives of each, and lastly offering recommendations to our department. Hiring: The Recruiting Process Firstly, recruitment is the process of searching for candidates who will be qualified to meet the desired positions in the company. Figure 1.1 shows the four step process in recruiting potential prospects into any company. This process will determine the best means of hiring qualified employees. “Its purpose is to ensure that the required number of applicants with the required skills is generated at minimum possible cost; to eliminate poorly qualified candidates, thus improving the success rate of the selection process; and to help the firm meet its employment equity goals by attracting a diverse applicant pool.”
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