The Best Method Of Protecting A Television Show By The Trio Essay

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The purpose of this paper is to determine the best method to protect a television show created by the Trio. The Trio has created a TV show loosely based off of their own experiences at University and the final years of school. Alongside this, the trio has developed a range of complementary products to go alongside this, such as memorabilia, t-shirts, caps, and mugs. The Trio has all played significant roles in the development and production of the Pilot Episode. The Trio are now eager to share the TV show with the world. As their primary demographic is 14-24 year olds, they intend to distribute their show on an online platform. The Trio is also concerned about how to protect their IP to ensure that they can continue creating. This paper will examine the different methods of protection available to the Trio, as well as determine which would be of the most benefit to them.

Intellectual Property and Copyright
First of all it is important to establish what Intellectual Property (IP) is a creation of the mind. There are two types of IP that protect a range of different creations. The two categories are Industrial Property and Copyright. Industrial Property is concerned with the commercial based creations such as patents, trademarks, and industrial designs. Copyright protects literary works such as films, music, artistic works, and Television. Copyright is granted automatically, there is no need to register or fill out a form. However, some governments encourage this to

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