The Best Out Of His Life

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For 40 some years, Mike See has made sure to make the best out of his life. He 's taught many people the way of being an entrepreneur and what it means to be one in western Kansas. Through his life he 's overcome obstacles, showed hard work, and pursued his passion of inventing new things. Mike See has made a huge impact on his family and especially his niece or in other words, me. Uncle Mike wasn 't the first person in our family to go to college or do anything academic like that because as he likes to state it “a little scholarly challenged.” In fact, he didn 't attend college at all. He went to be a guide in Idaho, worked in a salvage yard in Colorado, and then came back home to help my grandpa, Bill See, with farming. After his…show more content…
In early, 2014 Uncle Mike ended up selling his share of the company to his partners. He has since then ran a restaurant both in Cuchara, New Mexico and Scott City, created a duck ranch for hunters, owned a engraving/lazering company and has contributed to kids days at the state park for those who want to be outdoors. Currently, he is working on running his Etsy store for the past two years. In his store, he makes wooden signs that have sold all over the U.S.. Also he 's currently working to turn his storefront uptown into a bait and tackle shop because of the limited supply we have here in Scott, again, showing he wants to make people experience the great outdoors. Uncle Mike is always on the go no matter what. He has recently had two wrist surgeries that has slowed his inventions but it doesn 't stop him. Mike See’s story has taught me that the ideas of one person can make a big difference for families or people for a long time. Yet the question constantly from him is what will I do to take the that will make my life steady and will make my future brighter. The combination of the talks from Uncle Mike and the lessons I’ve learned through the EverFi programs will help me plan a better future for myself and others. I know I will need to be able to have a constant income and that I will need to save and invest the money I made wisely, so that I will have enough to support my dreams and educational goals. The skills I will learn or
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