The Best Outcome for Charity Royall

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Mr. Royall took her down from the Mountain when she was a child and has raised her as his own since she was young, but after the death of his wife he has resorted to drinking to heal his loneliness, and later in his weakened state turns to Charity to cure his loneliness. Though his first proposal could be seen as “disgusting” and “incest” in that he tries to enter Charity’s room while he is drunk, when he later asks her to marry him for the third time, he is clear headed and believes this is the best option for Charity. At first Charity is disgusted by herself for giving in to Mr. Royall’s advances, after a silent agreement between her and Mr. Royall in which she realizes he has no intention of making her do anything she doesn’t want to do, she realizes that this is the best outcome for her and accepts her fate.
Even though the marriage between Mr. Royall and Charity Royall could be considered incest, the two were not biologically related and therefore the marriage was lawfully alright. Mr. Royall had raised Charity as his daughter for his whole life and though they weren’t particularly close, he had provided for Charity by giving her a house to stay in and complying to most of her wishes; getting her a job at the library…
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