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Global: Summer Reading Notes

The Prince
By Niccolo Machiavelli

1) Why did Machiavelli write The Prince? Machiavelli wrote The Prince because he wanted to impress Lorenzo de Medici, who was the current ruler, and prove that he was knowledgeable and a useful advisor to him. He also wrote it as a mirror for Princes to read and understand how to be effective in power.

2) Name three recurring themes in The Prince? 1) One recurring theme in The Prince was that successful war is the foundation upon which all states are built. 2) Another is that it is better for a prince to be feared then hated or loved. 3) The last is free will and the cause of a prince’s success or failure is caused by
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Machiavellian rulers are tough and kind and have every good characteristic that rulers should have. So a state under Machiavellian rule would be good for everyone. Everyone would have money and food because of the good economy and would be safe and protected because of the good army. A Machiavellian ruler in my opinion was the best for the kingdoms in the middle ages and before and if there were still kingdoms now it would be the best for them too.

Utopia By Sir Thomas More

1) Describe the geography of Utopia. What role does geography play in the way Utopian society developed? Utopia is located on a crescent- shaped island that curves in on itself enclosing a large bay protecting it from the ocean and wind. Its only entrance is through a group of rocks and the way through is only known by the Utopians so any external attack is unlikely. The Utopian geography affects the culture and the economy because there are no outside influences and the economy because there aren’t any wars to pay for. This also helps with the peace and health of the people there because they don’t have to fight.

2) Describe the economy of Utopia. In utopia, everyone serves a purpose and takes up a particular trade. On a rotational basis people from the city go to the countryside so they can learn to do something useful so they can be a productive individual. If a person doesn’t contribute to the society then they cannot
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