The Best Place On Campus

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The best place on campus is undoubtedly the Jaguar Student Activities Center or JSAC. Walking in from the hot, muggy air into the breezeway, a plethora of things is going on at once: immediate relief from the heat because of the air conditioner, delicious smells wafting from the food court, and student and/or faculty events. It is a great location to meet new people and experiment socially in a safe environment. Despite all the activity, the JSAC is a relaxed space created for, and by students and it is a great space to spend time in between and after classes (JSAC). Unfortunately, even though Augusta University has such a diverse student body, people tend to seek out those that are similar to them ethnically and culturally. This can lead some to feel trapped in their social circles, lost in the crowd, or alone and uncomfortable in a new environment. Adrienne Rich describes this feeling as “bumping my way against glassy panes… gathering myself up… then again taking off” (63). In this quote, Rich is comparing herself to a bee that has been trapped within her house and is searching for an exit. She previously describes the trapped bee as “looking for what it needs, just as I am, and, just like me, it has gotten trapped in a place where it cannot fulfill its own life” (63). Just as Rich feels trapped within the confines of her limited view of feminism, some students feel trapped within their social circles and limited by perceived social boundaries. However, the JSAC
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