The Best Principles Of Persuasion

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To achieve a successful business interaction, it is important to persuade the best possible manner ever. Several researchers have studied how to persuade effectively, but the best principles of persuasions were described by Robert Cialdini and the principles include reciprocity, scarcity, authority, commitment and consistency, consensus and liking.
Reciprocity is the expectation of getting a return for a favor offered. This simply implies that for everything that is given out, there is a certain expectation from the receiving end. Basically, one can give out money and expect goods or services in return. In a business context, I might have the mind-set of making a potential customer a repeat buyer and to make that happen, I offer to help the buyer by giving a discount. If the buyer shows appreciation and still comes back to get more of the products, that means the favor has been reciprocated.
Scarcity is another principle of persuasion. Scarcity can be described as the rare availability of an item. As a seller, one of the ways to persuade and make a potential buyer purchase your product is to remind them of how rare the product is, especially if it is
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I was the sales representative of a car company at the time. I decided to sell enough cars in that particular month, so as to impress my boss. While persuading my friend, I didn’t use all the principles of persuasion and it created certain problems. While persuading my friend, I provided him enough information about the car and I did this because I wanted to reciprocate by buying the car. Then, I made mention of successive sales I had. I showed him online reviews on the company’s website. At the end, he agreed to buy the car by the following week. However, I was not consistent. I did not remind him and I did not put anything into writing on that day. He ended not buying the car and I couldn’t reach him because I had no means of contacting
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