The Best School Systems Of The World Essay

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The Best School Systems in the World What is the best way to teach children so they become successful learners? As you read you will see about the school systems that are on the top ranking. The Schools systems are important today to all people because of opportunities for better life around the world because without education it is impossible to have a better life because if I do not study I probably will not have the same respect from others maybe to get good position in a job so it is something that all people should know for example if we want to have a comfortable life we have to have good principles and also good education at home and it will guide us to supply our needs so I know that sometimes is difficult to look for it or to have the motivation to study but it is something that is a necessity today. Copying the best school systems in the world as a model is good because it can make students to become successful learners. First of all, the best educational system in the world to copy is in south Korea. South Koreans students are hard workers and smart they are over Japan as I see one of the things that South Koreans do is that their children go to school 7 days a week doing homework and they have less distractions the public and private schools receive funds from the government and all people in that country is aware that education is a necessity for their society the educational
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