The Best Students Come From Backgrounds With Strict Parents

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Dominique Brannon Professor Drosselmeyer UNIV 1000-007 October 13, 2016 Rough Draft Most of the best students come from backgrounds with strict parents who 've always been involved in their lives and stayed on them to do their best in school. Once these students leave high school and enter college they have the right to keep all of their information regarding school away from their parents, whom most of the time are signing the checks that keep them in school. It is, by law a right of students to keep their records private (FERPA). Parents and guardians should have some limited access to dependent’s records to keep students accountable. This accountability is not only expected in the classroom, but outside as well, some extracurricular activities can be harmful to the learning environment and student’s well-being. Britton White’s article “Student Rights: From In Locos Parentis to Sine Parentibus and Back Again? Understanding the Famiky Educational Rights and Privacy Act in Higher Education,” breaks down the relationship between colleges and students overtime (White, 321). She integrates not only educational benefits but safety risks. She discusses every factor of in locos parentis and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (White, 323-332).This not only shows how too much supervision could be unhealthy, but not enough supervision is just as unhealthy. Which is why parents and guardians should be able to be a bit more involved in what goes on with their children.
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