The Best Talent Will Ensure Future Success

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committed, and making certain they have the best talent will ensure future success. The bottom line of the organization will be impacted by setting a clear direction that employees can get behind, and making sure the right people are hired for the right job. The recruiting process is an essential part of any organization and it pays to do it properly. When the right person is chosen for a job and is treated and trained well, these people tend to stay with the organization longer. This initial and ongoing investment will be very rewarding for the organization. In order to recruit people, organizations must have a strategic plan in place, identify vacancies, and have detailed job descriptions that describe the job. The Human Resource…show more content…
The right people for the job will provide quality products and service to customers. Having the right team at Beck’s Hybrids has led them to recruiting and selecting the right people. Beck’s Hybrids is a regional family owned seed corn company. The main headquarters is located in Atlanta, Indiana. Beck’s has been in business for over 78 years. The business started in 1937 with just family planting and harvesting the crops. At the time, Mr. Beck didn’t realize this launch was going to be a huge success for the second and third generations of the Beck family. Over time, the company expanded to the owner, his wife and a few farm employees. Beck’s Hybrids has become the largest family owned seed corn business in the United States by recruiting and selecting talented people. In 1990, there were 15 full time employees and six of them were Beck family members. By 2006, there were 80 full time employees. Today, there are over 500 full time employees. In the summer that number grows to over 700, that includes interns and summer help. Beck’s Hybrids is a good example of how recruitment and selection, in alignment with the company culture, has made them the number one family owned seed corn company in the United States. Next, I am going to discuss the responsibilities of the recruiters. There are currently two recruiters for Beck’s. Kurt Bandel has been with Beck’s for
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