The Best Tool For Industry Practice

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Forth Iteration: Identify and Recommend the best tool for Industry practice Planning Phase After successful completion of third iteration author is planning to compare SSIS, Informatica power center and Oracle warehouse builder ETL tools for comparing effectiveness and features as per industry requirements in IT projects. For this I will interact with same IT consultants to know how each ETL tool is different than other. Understanding importance of my action research, this time I will conduct group discussion between author, Krimish Shah (Technology Lead at AstraZeneca), Neha Chhabra (An ETL developer at Infosys) and Ananda Krishnan (Project specialist at Cognizant) through skype. For that I will invite all experts and confirm timing based…show more content…
• Various alternatives to load huge amount of data without ETL tool • Which type of skillset needed to work in organization as an ETL developer? Author will explore from Microsoft, Informatica and Oracle websites for more enhancements of the features. Spending quality time for this session will help author to make flawless comparison on ETL tool. Action Phase The second phase aimed at accomplishing activities outlined in the planning phase. Initially during this phase author did research through Microsoft, Informatica and Oracle websites for the comparison perspective of ETL. Based on research author noted below points before meeting and discussed with experts regarding the comparison of ETL tool: • Design, development and data governance support • Run time platform support • Data transformation and data delivery capabilities • Data sources and target environment support • Error handling workflow • Pricing and License model • Data validations • Configuration setting • Handling run time alerts Author communicated with all experts and invites them for the group discussion for their input on action research. All experts have confirmed their timing and meeting was fixed for April 6th 2016. Session was continued for duration of an hour with experts. All IT consultants have shared their views and opinion based on their industry experience on ETL tools they are using. They have discussed about challenges, solutions, strong
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