The Best Training Techniques For Athletes

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Knowing Yourself Athletes all around the world have trouble with performance, whether it be because they lack motivation, or because they are distracted, or even because they don’t know their body as well as they should. Athletes go through too much to perform better, they stress themselves out trying to be that one “perfect athlete”. Athletes should know the importance of bettering themselves during performance and how it can affect others around them. In the book, Psychology of Sports, written by Dorcas Susan Butt mentions techniques to help an athlete do well in a sport. The best training techniques for an athlete to do well in a sport are positive thinking, relaxation, and visual motor behavioral rehearsal.
For an athlete to do well, they should always think positive. Positive thinking helps the athlete perform better because the outcome will be positive. Dorcas Susan Butt is very knowledgeable in Sports psychology. As she points out, one of the positive outcomes of the experience is that, “Every day in every way I am getting better and better” (187). This statement helps the athlete have a better mentality of his or her performance. For an athlete, it is important to think positively because it will affect them and others around them. To keep telling yourself positive notes, you will become a better athlete mentally and physically. An athlete’s performance is based on positive thinking and it is “important to goal setting and letting go,” (Porter 40). This…
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