The Best Type Of Energy

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Around the world, there are hundreds of different methods of how to use alternative energy in order to save the earth from burning fossil fuels. Burning these, causes major air pollution and can be detrimental towards the health of thousands of populations. The best type of energy is photovoltaic energy because it possesses many advantages and it outshines the other alternative sources. In one day, the amount of sunlight shining over the United States is over 2,500 times the entire country’s daily energy usage combined. Photovoltaic energy is used to power solar panels by having particles of light, photons, free electrons from their atoms, thus generating electricity. Solar panels are composed of photovoltaic cells; these cells turn sunlight into electricity. Each cell is made up of two pieces of semi-conducting material, typically silicon, which is used to establish an electric field. This field occurs when opposite charges are separated and this is done by giving each piece a positive or negative electrical charge. When the photon pushes an electron free, the electron field will thrust the electron out of the junction between the two charged layers of material. This basic physical process, ejecting electrons in response to light, is known as the photoelectric effect. When this happens, the energy from the photon is shifted towards an electron that is in a photovoltaic cell. Metal conductive plates can then use these electrons as usable energy by collecting and
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