The Best Type Of Musical Performance For Developing Musicians

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It’s not difficult to imagine, but not all musicians are professionals. The progression between developing and professional musicians is more of a fluid-like structure. Unfortunately there isn’t a special card that musicians receive that make them one or the other. Of course, most musicians practice with the dream of having an illustrious career with their chosen instrument. Again however, in order for a musician to become a professional they have to practice arduously and carefully in order to gain enough experience to perform professionally. Because of that there’s a gray area, as no one knows exactly how much practice qualifies a musician. That being said, in the middle of that gradient there’s a type of musical performance called busking. It’s a rather familiar term, but few stop and assess its importance. Busking is the best type of musical performance for developing musicians because it is played publicly, it can make decent money, and it is crucial to developing a professional repertoire. There are two different types of performances that a musician can play: public and professional. Busking is a public performance; concerts are a professional performance. Professional performances involve people like restaurant managers, concert promoters, or agents paying a musician or group of musicians to play their music. Public performances, on the other hand, are planned by the musician or musicians and are much less formal. Both professional and developing musicians can

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