The Best Wares Are The Ones Well Crafted And Handcrafted Essay

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Mission Statement: The best wares are the ones well-crafted and handcrafted. Cosmic Affliction is a collection of divine creations and workings that are available as custom-to-own pieces for purchase through the online store. Bath products, personalized skincare and even accessories all available as customizable product lines. This allows for a fresh brewed, hand crafted and one-of-a-kind experience in acquisition from start to finish. Cosmic Affliction is also home to the “good karma pricing policy” where 10% of the purchase price of all wares is directly donated to artisans surviving against odds and their chosen charities. Cosmic Affliction is not only the branding of the items people created, but in fact creates a space that allows others dealing with their “affliction” through the expression of art and their own craft. Outline for a business plan answering the following “nine questions every business plan should answer”: 1. Who is the customer? Men and Women who prefer organic and handmade bath products. Sensitive skin issue sufferers seeking products they can use that are less generic than the basics available in daily mass markets. Those who appreciate a handmade and personalized product and place to spend their money on wares. 2. How does the customer make decisions about buying this product or service? Earth conscious, budget savvy pricing scales by product size. The customers of the site have the opportunity to “design” their own size and

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