The Best Way For Anaheim Students Essay

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The education system has not changed in many years and doesn’t fit today’s circumstances. Some Students aren’t benefiting from the educational system implemented today and are going off to college unprepared specially minority students (Wagner, xix). If students aren’t succeeding in school then those students are receiving the proper help they need. Something is wrong and should be fixed immediately, because it’s not right that not all students are striving in their education. The best way for Anaheim students to succeed is to incorporate different learning methods, because each student has a unique learning style. There’s many different learning styles to incorporate in a classroom for all students. Some students might be a visual, auditory or a kinesthetic learner, teachers need to assimilate lessons to fit all student’s need. However when having a student-teacher ratio of 30+:1 it’s difficult to accommodate to everyone’s needs, but not impossible when teachers accommodate to major learning styles. Something should be done because school aren’t helping students use all of their potential and great intelligence is going to waste. According to Wagner only about a third of all high school graduates are ready for college in the United States today (xix). So what’s going on in high school classes that only about a third are ready to move on to higher education? Its simple classes are been rushed especially since standards have changed to Common Core. Some students are okay
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